Our multipurpose Eco Daypack-Grey backpack comes with an attractive design. High quality, durable polyester. This Backpack is suitable for occasional travel, day hike, outdoor tour, and day-to-day use. We offer you 15 liters backpack at attractive price

Key Features:

  • It's so convenient that you can comfortably carry it anywhere you go.
  • Its padded straps are easily adjustable making it simple to change to lengths when needed.
  • Available in a variety of colors and prints, the backpack is a great go-to bag when you need to carry things comfortably between classes or on your way to work.

Product Details:

  • Number of Compartments - 1
  • Number of Pockets - 1 Front Pocket
  • Adjustable Straps - Yes

Physical Measurements:

  • Dimensions: 44*24*14cm
  • Weight: 200gms
  • Capacity: 15L


  • Type - Casual Bag
  • Material - Polyester

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